Do i need a rug pad. Carpet cleaning sunnyvale.

Do I Need A Rug Pad

do i need a rug pad

do i need a rug pad - Snazzy Baby

Snazzy Baby Knee Pads, Seafoam Green

Snazzy Baby Knee Pads, Seafoam Green

Snazzy Baby Knee Pads were designed for the ultimate protection for babies learning to crawl and walk and have been proven to prevent injuries like bruises, cuts and scraped knees. The uniquely developed "traction beads" allow babies to get the right amount of traction to crawl without slipping and sliding on all types of floor surfaces - hardwood, tiles, carpet and gives unparalleled protection even on outdoor surfaces. The use of medical quality Neoprene gives parents an easy care, durable product which enhances movement without restricting circulation enabling their babies to crawl and wear comfortably while walking or crawling. Vital safe protection is given also to those special needs children with Hemophilia, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida and Muscular Dystrophy etc, when exploring on floor surfaces. Snazzy Baby Knee Pads were developed for a long time frame of use - from 4 months and above to 4 years and above, from crawling to toddling, to bike riding or roller skating, with the added benefit they also prevent wear on clothing in those areas prone to wear.


•Can be used indoors or outdoors
•Gives your child maximum protection without restricting movement and circulation
•Proven to prevent bruises, cuts, scraped knees and rug burn
•Prevents wear on clothing in those areas prone to wear
•Use for commando crawling, crawling, toddling, walking, running, bike riding, ball sports, playground activities

85% (10)

Child RP in Everwind

Child RP in Everwind

Note: This was an attempt to RP with a friend who showed interest in coming to RP in Everwind. She just wanted to try and participate and have some fun trying something new. For a while, it was fun. And then, a sudden rule change came up that turned my friend off from RP, because it wouldn't allow her age. This came up after already a rule change on 6-28-2010, and became effective sim wide with no notifications at the time I brought her in to check out the RP. Needless to say, I am very disappointed by this. But, read the body of the text and make your own opinon. Discuss if you like, and can keep it cordial. This is my Flickr, and I do have the right to moderate it as seen fit. And I do think, even if I'm not a sim owner, and just a peasant RPer, I do have the right and ability to make my own opinions and express them in my own Flickr account.

Alydia Kappler: Luke ? i come wiff you ?
Luke Heartsdale: sure, where you at?
Alydia Kappler: my parent's home but they not here
Luke Heartsdale: doesn't know where that's at <.<
Alydia Kappler: on [home] island
Alydia Kappler: you tp me ?
Luke Heartsdale: ok, you want a tp into Everwind? I'm at the camp
Alydia Kappler: yes
Alydia Kappler: i don't know what everwind is .. but i will go
Alydia Kappler: can i be human ?
Luke Heartsdale: lol, yes you can. Do you RP?
Alydia Kappler: i rp a kid ! lol
Luke Heartsdale: ok, hmm, I'll have to take you to the Info hub first
Luke Heartsdale: so, can read that until I can get a way up there, ok?
Alydia Kappler: yes i duno what to wear for clothes
Luke Heartsdale: have any medieval type dresses?
Alydia Kappler: i look on xstreet
Luke Heartsdale: ok, can tp me if you like, and then show you the hub when ready?
Luke Heartsdale: oh, they have a freebie pack too, so I'll send you a tp
Alydia Kappler: mmk
Alydia Kappler: i havin hard time finding stuffs
Luke Heartsdale: I might know a few places if you want to look around
Alydia Kappler: i only have [so many] lindens
Luke Heartsdale: hmm
Alydia Kappler: i have butterfly wings lots of them
Luke Heartsdale: hehe, can play a fae if you want
Alydia Kappler: yah maybe
Alydia Kappler: yer human ?
Luke Heartsdale: well, lycan, but mostly in human form
Alydia Kappler: ohhh you won't hurt me tho ?
Luke Heartsdale: ok, you should be fine as a child avie:
Luke Heartsdale: H. CHILDREN may be portrayed in Everwind. However, please be aware that any conduct that is deemed unsuitable by the owner on the part of or with a child avatar will be dealt with severely and swiftly.

1. Children may join Guilds. However they will not be qualified to achieve rankings until or unless their child character is 16 (sixteen) roleplay years of age. Up until the roleplay age of 16 (sixteen), they may play an apprentice, laborer, helper or ward.

Luke Heartsdale: and, no, Lukas wouldn't hurt a child lol
Alydia Kappler grins
Luke Heartsdale: so, you can join the group, or wear the visitor's backpack
Luke Heartsdale: hehe, that dress works well
Alydia Kappler: yah ?
Luke Heartsdale: yep
Alydia Kappler: i will join group
Luke Heartsdale: ok
Luke Heartsdale: there should be a place to click to join I think
Alydia Kappler: ok where do i join group
Luke Heartsdale: think so
Luke Heartsdale: if just a regular human girl, shouldn't have to do much other than join the group. Though they had me fill out a character sheet because of being lycan
Alydia Kappler: okay cool
Alydia Kappler: i gotta learn how to talk too i will watch a lot and learn
Luke Heartsdale: hehe, it's mainly common English., Though some speak race languages.
Luke Heartsdale: just wouldn't use modern slang, like cool, or abbreviations like brb or lol while speaking IC
Alydia Kappler: yes
Luke Heartsdale: ok, and for background, or at least how we met up ICly, how you want to go about it?
Alydia Kappler: umm
Luke Heartsdale: like, would I know you ICly, or be a lost girl I met while about on a walk?
Alydia Kappler: There was a fire .. and i lost my entire family
Alydia Kappler: i was found crying in the woods
Alydia Kappler: no place to go
Alydia Kappler: or does that sound stupid ?
Luke Heartsdale: ok, sounds good, we can go from there and see what happens.
Luke Heartsdale: nah, it's a good starting point, can add the details as you go along ;)
Alydia Kappler: mmk
Luke Heartsdale: So, basic jist of the story of meeting up: I find you on the path while I'm walking, hearing you crying, and then we'll go from there.
Luke Heartsdale: sound good?
Alydia Kappler: mmhmm
Luke Heartsdale: ok ^^
Luke Heartsdale: think we're ready to head down then. the TP's this way

In the Dark Woods

A girl crouches close to the ground whiping the tears from her face on her sleve. Lukas comes closer to her and sees her whiping away tears, "You ok, maza meitene..., uhm, little girl?"

"They are gone. My family..." The girl starts to tear up again.

Murrling a bit, Lukas looks at her sympathetic

COMPETITION: Welcome Gnome

COMPETITION: Welcome Gnome

Category: Machine Stitching and Quilting

Pattern: Gnome. Embroidery design kindly given by BadBird on Flickr - her blog is:

Why the Gnome? I'd loved Andrea's Gnome pattern since I first saw it, and although this play on words is old hat, I still like it.

Why? Well, I've just packed my fiance off to deepest darkest rural Romania for two weeks, and although he saw the Gnome hand embroidery before he left, I made up the rest of the piece as a distraction during the first two evenings of him not being around to talk to. I've hung it on the kitchen door, facing our front door, so it will be the first thing he sees when he returns. (Then I'll get him to help me hang it properly!)

Method and Materials:
Why a mini quilt? Well, I do need the quilting and binding practice! (I've only completed one tied quilt, a few cushions and a few mug rugs before!)
Hand embroidery for Andrea's pattern in back stitch, seed stitch. padded short satin stitch and chain stitch (my favourite!). Freehand hand chain stitch for the lettering. The mushrooms used up odd bits of thread.
The machine pieced squares are scraps from friends and family, collected for a handpieced hexagon beggars quilt I'm also working on. Whilsta chosen for their 'wood-ie-ness', each scrap reminds me of a loved one or a loved place, so adds to the warmth and sentiment for me.
The wide binding is from another friend (her old trousers!). In real life the green is less muddy, more more chartruse (I'll try to take a daylight photo but that won't be in situ). That friend is going to help me learn real quilting techniques... including binding, which I obviously need help with!

Thanks for the good excuse to make up a pattern I've been yearning after for quite a while!

do i need a rug pad

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