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college team rugs

High school reunion, Sep 2011 - 46

High school reunion, Sep 2011 - 46

Stan Shopa (who grew about 9 inches after high school -- or so it seems -- after playing on the high school basketball team all four years, as well as the tennis team one year, the wrestling team two years, and the bowling team for three years) and Jimmy Farabaugh, discussing Einstein's Theory of Relativity and whether it applies to ancient graduates of Northport High School...

Jimmy was, of course, well suited to participate in such an intellectual task, as his high-school yearbook quoted him as saying that he was "smarter den de av'rug student!" Aside from that, he played on the football team all four years, the baseball team all four years, and the basketball team for his last three years in high school.


A long time ago, in what now seems like a galaxy far, far away, 300 of us gathered together to begin our high-school education in a spanking-new campus of buildings on Middleville Road, in the small village of Northport New York. Some of us had gVrown up with each other since kindergarten, others were strangers and new arrivals in town. Some of us ignored one another that first day; some of us formed friendships that would last a lifetime; and some of us discovered years later that, on that very first day of 9th grade, we were sitting -- obliviously -- next to the boy or girl we would eventually marry.

Four years later, almost all of us graduated. Roughly half of us stayed in Northport after the graduation ceremony, and settled down almost immediately to marry, have children, get a job, and build a life. The other half joined the military service, or went off to colleges and universities all across the country. A few of us died in Vietnam. Some of us settled in California or Florida or exotic places we had never heard of in high school ... and many of us never came back to Northport, not even once.

But some of us did, first in 1971 and then again in 1981 and 1991. Some of us very much wanted to come back again in 2001, but the events of 9-11 made travel impossible during that week, and all we could do was mark a date on our calendar for what we hoped would be the next gathering -- made all the more important by the fact that it would be our 50th anniversary reunion.

By the time September 17, 2011 finally rolled around, roughly 15% of our class had died -- from cancer or other illnesses, or on the battlefield, or in automobile accidents, or from other tragic mishaps. Some had disappeared so completely that none of their classmates could find them; they had no Facebook membership, no Twitter ID, no e-mail address, no phone number, and no known snail-mail address. There were others we *did* track down, but they made it abundantly clear that they weren't coming, and that they had no interest in anything associated with that motley crew of 300 kids who first gathered together in September 1957.

Ultimately, about 100 people did come together in Northport for the 50th reunion -- including three of our teachers, whom we had assumed were *already* ancient when we first met them in 9th grade, but who turned out to be young pipsqueaks themselves, barely out of college and doing their best to teach us when they were in their mid-20s.

These photos are just the beginning of what will hopefully be a larger, collaborative collection of images taken with the camera-phones, the point-and-shoot cameras, the fancy DSLR behemoths, and a couple dozen disposable cameras sprinkled around the place where we gathered. There's not enough room to tell everyone's stories here, but you'll find a few notes and comments and tags to give you an idea of who was there, and what they're all about. If you have some notes and comments to add, please do ...

LCF Exposed Stage 1 001

LCF Exposed Stage 1 001

I was approached by some lovely ladies from LCF and asked if I'd join their team and photograph their project. After hearing their idea I gladly obliged. We had a really good day, and Kudos to Kate, I had about 20 billion layers on and was still freezing my bottom off!

Photography & PP - Me
Model - Kate Shurikhina
Styling & Set Design - Xavia Somerville
Hair & Make Up - Chloe Louise & Emily Prentice

London College of Fashion student project.

college team rugs

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